SAP Advanced Track and Trace for Pharmaceuticals

    SAP Advanced Track and Trace for Pharmaceuticals supports pharmaceutical companies to comply with country-specific legal requirements on serialization, tracking and tracing, and regulatory reporting of pharmaceutical products. In addition, you can use the solution to facilitate data exchange with packaging lines, supply chain partners (for example Third Party Logistics (3PL), Contract Manufacturing Organizations (CMO)) and warehouse applications.

Advanced Track and Trace for Pharmaceuticals - Features

      ◈ Report serial number events to authorities and business partners, enabling compliance to international legislation
      ◈ Integrate with ERP, warehouse management systems and packaging lines
      ◈ Capture serial numbers from packaging lines and warehouse systems and store serial number events centrally
      ◈ Track and Trace serial number of medicinal sales units and their aggregations
      ◈ Track batches and their serial number relation
      ◈ Globally manage number ranges and randomized or sequential serial number lists
      ◈ Browse and effect internal reporting on the usage and distribution of serial numbers globally
      ◈ Authenticate batches and serialized trade items

    The solution also supports country-specific legislations which give special requirements on serial number management with definition (length, character set), randomization, data capturing, data exchange with supply chain partners, reporting, and uniqueness.